Fully Illustrated! Circle the Sun -Book One: Summer's Sol

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Fully Illustrated! Circle the Sun -Book One: Summer's Sol


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"This is your path," said the Whistling Tree
in a creaking, earthy voice.
"Beware as you step into the Shadow of the Light,
for where there is Beauty there is also Darkness."

And so begins the other-worldly adventures of "The Traveler".
Embark on a journey around the globe while the Earth 'Circles the Sun', weaving a tale through all four seasons.

"Circle the Sun" is Mythic-Fantasy with a strong presence of female characters in balance with males.
The women characters in my books are positive, worthy roles models.

Visually mesmerizing, Circle the Sun is illustrated in full color on every page. 
The reader is immersed in the journey as the adventures unfold through the journals kept by The Traveler.

The story begins on the Summer Solstice as 'The Traveler' prepares to leave on an outing. But everything changes when a mysterious visitor arrives at the door setting The Traveler and the reader on a new path... discovering a new world existing right next to our own.
The Seasons, the Elements, Nature, and Science all play a role in this integrative journey where reality and fantasy collide! 

But Beware! Who is trying to steal away the light of our Sun?
Tasks are given with riddles to solve, guiding the way through the Summer Season. 

 "Circle the Sun" is an illustrated mythic-fantasy series with a story continuing through 4 books.
The “Circle the Sun” book series is appropriate and can be enjoyed by any age. The reading level is 9 years and up. Reading this book aloud to children is a fun experience with captivating illustrations and lots of hidden or subtle imagery to find!

Soft Cover, 8.5 x 11 inches, 102 pages